PATRON-PRO Access Control

Why is the PATRON-PRO system so ground breaking?
The ground breaking nature of the PATRON-PRO system in comparison to other access control systems lies especially in the fact that it is completely manageable through a cell phone. Just imagine that each time a tenant demands to block a lost medium or get a new one you do not have to rush home, program the media in a computer and then transfer the edited data into the system in a complicated manner or completely erase the system’s memory by a mastercard and the keep adding the authorized media after another. Not anymore. With PATRON-PRO system you simply reach into your pocket and solve everything within three fast steps followed by applying your cell phone to the reader for a few seconds in order to complete the data transfer.

The option for fast and easy programming itself ensures a higher security of the building. From our experience we know that with a more complicated programming procedure, the system administrator tends to update the database once in a year or sometimes even longer. During this period are all potential finders of lost ID media able to enter the secured area. With an easy programming procedure, the programming period shortens and so the security rises.

Another, and in no way less important, feature of the system distinguishing it from the competition is the use of secure cards Mifare and DESFire as well as its placement inside a secured area. Thus, the potential aggressor has no chance to enter into the house by breaking the reader unlike it is with some other systems.
Features and advantages of the PATRON-PRO access control system

  • Use of Mifare identification media
    • enable the use of regular city and employee cards
    • are incomparably more secure with regard to copying possibilities in comparison to commonly used media of E/M standard (Emarine)
    • support the encrypting of the cards (recording of identificators into the secured part of the card), thus completely preventing the possibility to have them copied
  • programming via cell phone
    • complete management of access rights through a cell phone
    • control of up to 20 doors
    • support for groups of users
    • easy data update by briefly applying the cell phone to the reader
    • not necessary to either carry around a notebook or dismantle the governing unit, everything is being transferred via air directly into the system
    • utmost simplicity of programming motivates the building manager to maintain the system updated
  • using a cell phone to open doors
    • enables the substitution of keys and cards by cell phones
    • the door opens simply by applying the cell phone to the reader
    • combinable with identification media
    • currently it is possible to use cell phones Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S2, Nokia C7, Nokia 600, Nokia 700, while more and more come out every day
  • resistance to physical attack
    • the system is designed to ensure maximum protection of indoor premises even in the event of a physical attack against its components
  • variability of the reader terminal’s design
    • the reader terminal is supplied in various designs, to be attached to plaster or behind glass
    • possibility of integration into the doorbell casing
  • easy installation
    • PATRON-PRO access system is designed for easy installation on any door
    • the package includes everything necessary for individual installation
    • a nationwide network of contractual installation organizations provides for installation when needed
  • certificates
    • the system is certified by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
    • the reader terminal, as part of the access control system, is certified by the National Security Authority as “Strictly Confidential”
  • Vast experience of IMA s.r.o. as market leader with development and sale of identification systems


Choose a system, which really secures your building.

Investment into access control system is not insignificant and an inappropriate system needs to be changed in a complicated manner.

After all, everybody needs to be sure that his access system is reliable, secure and modern, with a long-lasting support.

The individual components of the system:

Access terminal

This is the device placed outside on the door for applying the cards to it.
The access terminal is available in a few designs from standard black case for placement on the plaster, through placement behind glass, up to being integrated into doorbell cases.


Relay module

For safety reasons, this device is placed inside a secured area. After it receives a command from the access terminal, its role is to open the door lock and enable entry.


Backed up power supply

Is equipped with an accumulator, which ensures the stability of the system during blackouts up to 48 hours. In case of multiple entry installation, the power supply may be common to all entrances.


Cell phone with NFC technology

The cell phone serves as a reader, a device for editing access rights as well as a programmer of the system. In order to manage the access control system via cell phone; it is NOT necessary to install a SIM card or pay any monthly fee.
The cell phone MAY further be used for making calls and thus, it can also serve as a business phone for the needs of the building manager.


PATRON mobile application
This is an application installed into the cell phone to be used for editing the access rights as well as programming the system itself. Without this application, it not possible to use the phone for programming the access control system.


PATRON PC application

An add-on managing application for PCs. This application is convenient for editing larger amounts of data. It is not indispensable for the functioning of the system and its use is optional.


Identification media

The identification media serve to identify the person upon entering the building. They are available as key chains or cards as well as combined. Both designs may be ordered with a special print.
The system is further compatible with regular city and employee cards.