About Us

Our company belongs to leading producers and sellers of identification systems in the Czech Republic. Our history goes as far as into the year 1978; since 1992 we do business under the name IMA s.r.o. We are an exclusively Czech company, having a team of 60 experts oriented at development and offer of systems using identification and biometric data.

You can find out more about our company on our website www.ima.cz

The PATRON access control systems are based on our long-term experience in the field of identification systems, which we combine with the use latest technology. These systems are primarily aimed at the segment of apartment houses and apartments themselves.

With PATRON systems we find it natural to:

  • supply a turnkey system,
  • interconnect it with other electronic systems,
  • provide maintenance during warranty period as well as after it expires,
  • conclude a maintenance contract if needed,
  • render full user support,
  • have everything certified.