On this page you can find an extract from referenced PATRON-PRO access control system installations.

Should you be interested in visiting any of the referenced sites, please contact us and we shall either provide you with an exact address or try to set up a meeting with the building manager.

Office building, Trutnov
The PATRON-PRO door access control system is installed on the entrance doors of the building. Both automatic sliding doors located in a row open upon applying the card to the reader. This solution is designed only for entering the building; exit is enabled by a radar.

Apartment house, Prague 4
In this house, it was necessary to equip the original doors with the PATRON-PRO system so as not to disrupt the functioning of the already existing system of intercom and preserve the original electromagnetic lock.

Historical apartment house, Prague 3
In an apartment house from the 19th century, it was necessary to deal with securing two entrances into the building in order to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons. A specific feature of this house was its 4m tall entrance doors, which needed to be equipped with a sufficiently dimensional closing system and a corresponding lock.

Office premises, Prague 7
This installation meant to secure the entry into office premises of the company. The system was installed in order to secure the offices as well as replace the employee keys. Electro mechanic locks BERA were used to ensure security.

Family house, Prague 6
In a newly reconstructed family house, altogether 6 PATRON-PRO readers were installed, controlling the main entrances into the house in order to ensure maximum security and comfort of control. The PATRON-PRO system was further equipped with electromechanic locks BERA to improve security. Due to strict requirements of the client regarding the design of the interior components, the readers were specifically designed and integrated into a supplied case.